Facesitting domination

August 26th, 2010

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Two raunchy bossy brunettes don’t give their humble carpet muncher any rest.



April 22nd, 2010

facesitting.Seductive redhead trampling slave’s face with her clean-shaven wet pussy

Say, do you really know what facesitting is? What does it feel like to take the weight of your bossy beloved on your face – stopping your breath, filling your nostrils and mouth with the seductive aroma of fresh pussy juice, turning you on…

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Facesitting galleries

April 19th, 2010

facesitting galleries


Feel the weight of your mistress’s full round buttocks squeezing into your face, making you choke for breath and move your tongue faster and faster till the one that is riding you reaches the strongest orgasm in her life!

horny perverted facesitter with a perfect body and an amazingly fragrant carefully shaven pink


Teen Facesitting bitches

April 10th, 2010

facesitting bitches. Sveta and Ksusha

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Sveta and Ksusha are two Slavic beauties any man would love to pay oral homage to. Watch their heavenly beautiful bodies with some totally sexy lingerie on clash together as they take turns using the guy’s face for pleasure and tugging his thick boner.



Brutal facesitting

April 2nd, 2010

brutal facesitting.Alice and Jenya


Relax, after all, the cuffs and collar Alice and Jenya have forced you into don’t give you much chance to move a limb. Deprived of movement, you concentrate with being good with your mouth, because you’re terrified to underperform for the mean girls.


Nude facesitting

March 25th, 2010

nude facesitting. Bossy busty allows slave to tease both of her holes with his sneaky tongue

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Watch humble submissive male slaves fight for air under the seductive weight of their mistresses’ heavy round buns – the only way for them to get out from under it is to keep on lick, lick, licking it till their bossy temptresses are satisfied and ready to let them go!


Facesitting femdom

February 22nd, 2010

facesitting femdom. Lascivious mistress with a sexy pussy takes off panties and starts facesitting session


Share the overwhelming perverted pleasure of kinky humble men falling victim to merciless dominas addicted to face sitting – and feel the arousing taste filling their greedy mouths as they come munching these horny mistresses’ slits with all their effort!


Facesitting bitches

February 10th, 2010

facesitting bitches.Sadistic dominatrix humiliates new ass kissing slaveboy

Fierce Femme Fatales Fuck gutless gimpboys

I found Zak Tyler when he was poking his head around the Kink.com booth at the Folsum Street Fair. He’s been creaming his pants to serve The Divine Bitches and I thought what the hell let’s give him a shot. He’s the type of slaveboy who’s a complete brownnoser, ass kissing, teachers pet wanna be and oh so much fun to tease and torture. Mistress January Seraph had a field day using him for her pleasure. With Zak’s eager attitude he endured bare handed spanking, caning, CBT, SPH (small penis humiliation), shoe and ass worship and sexual service.

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Femdom Facesitting. Sadistic domme milks slaveboys prostate

Ball busting, trampling, and strap-on fucking

It’s safe to say this will be the last time Curt Wooster subs. Did he gain the experience he wanted? Only time will tell. One thing is for sure I dished out BDSM to him in a no holds barred day of pain and pleasure. Corporal punishment in the form of strict bondage, single tail, flogging and humiliation mixed with ass and pussy worship. I even allowed this “domme in training” to cattle prod me in order to feel the power behind administering pain to another. Despite his attitude I effortlessly got him on his back with his legs tied humiliatingly above his head for a teasing prostate milking with the Aneros prostate massager. He basically gives himself a ruined orgasm by cumming when I’m barely touching him. In the end I feel Curt genuinely wants to learn about this lifestyle and identifies as a top. I wish him much luck in his lifestyle adventures.

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Facesitting movies

January 28th, 2010

facesitting movies.Salacious blonde in pink underwear loves riding slaves’ clean-shaven faces


The last thing these miserable slaves will see are the swollen twitching lips of their horny dominas’ pussies coming down onto their scared faces – lower and lower and lower till they dive into the arousing fragrant darkness of pure facesitting pleasure!